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X3 Tutorial Package

All the Xojo3D.com tutorials in PDF format, available as a single download. Perfect for educators who want to use the tutorials in their classrooms, or for storing the tutorials locally for your own convenience. All the source code and assets required to complete the tutorials are included.
Last updated 7 August 2015
Download Tutorial Package



Release History

Date Changes
7 August June 2015 Fixed a regression bug in tutorials 14, 15 and 16. Download
17 June 2014 Fixed lighting bug in tutorial 14 (File IO).
Added back tutorial 15 project file.
5 March 2014 Added back tutorial 15 (2D sprites) with revised artwork. Download
17 February 2014 Removed tutorial 15 (2D sprites) while spritesheet is being revised. Download
11 February 2014 Branded tutorials with {Zoclee} logo. Download
8 November 2013 Content corrections in tutorial 2.
Added tutorial 16 (Materials).
24 October 2013 Fixed minor bug in rendering algorithm of tutorial 15.
Added missing X3Core library to tutorial 15.
23 October 2013 Added tutorial 15 (2D Sprites). Download
2 October 2013 First release with tutorials 1 to 14. Download

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